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Refer & Get Paid

We strongly believe in working with a community of likeminded people who have the desire and understanding of supporting friends, entrepreneurs and small businesses, as we all have families to feed. We are doing our part by offering to our community the possibility of getting huge financial rewards for referring your colleagues and friends to us.

  • 7.5% of your referral's orders will be credited to you to use with any of our companies and/or services! 

  • This % is for perpetuity! so ALL future orders of you referrals will also be credited to you, forming a passive stream of discount/savings for your orders

  • No expiration date

  • No referral limits

  • All your achieved discounts CAN be combined and used together


We sincerely believe that no one else is offering something like this. We hope that this will help all of us to create a stronger and more supportive network.

Want to refer someone?

We will contact your referrals on your behalf to offer our services and if they place an order with us, you will be granted a 7.5% of their total order once their shipment has been received. 

Who should we contact on your behalf?

Thanks for submitting!


By filling this form you authorise us to contact your referral on your behalf as you shared their details willingly and previously informed them about a possible future communication from us. You or your referral do not hold us responsible for GDPR data protection errors as we are not in breach of any policies.

Please bear in mind that, it is very possible that two different people recommend our services to the same person, so to avoid any problems we will grant the 7.5% bonus to the first person who appears in our system to have filled out the contact form with the referral details. We hold no preferences or responsibility, nor we will intervene in any possible dispute.

Only referrals given via this form will be counted towards your 7.5% bonus. No verbal arrangements or backtracking will be considered.

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