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Keep reading, you do not want to miss this part!


We are proud to be the only company around offering such a unique concept for free. This programme is for small-medium size businesses who wish to create a brand and earn money from their own clothing line and merchandise. We are pretty confident that you will not find this approach anywhere else. We came up with this idea because we know, first hand, the struggle and cost of trying to create a platform for your own t-shirt designs. Not only you need to find the graphic designer, the clothing supplier, the printer, but you also need to create a web and build an audience......and more than likely you'll need to order a large number of garments, which probably will sit around collecting dust waiting for customers to buy them. Merchandise on shelves is not great for cash flow.



What is it and how does it work?


Simple, it's all about having your own customised clothing line and accessories on our web and getting paid without having to invest any money.


By becoming a Partner Shop with us you'll get:

  • Dedicated graphic designer

  • Your own Online shop

  • Web hosting and management

  • Complete customer care

  • Full production and packaging of your items

  • Orders dispatched directly to your customer or collection from us

  • Monthly pre-established commission paid per item sold

  • Full support from our social media presence



How much will it cost me?

Nothing, £0, Nada, Niente, Zilch 



How are commissions determined?

According to the garment and design you want to have printed on it, we'll give you a trade price, then together we establish the retail price for your customers that will be displayed in your shop. The difference between the trade price and the retail price is yours. 



How do I get paid?

We calculate the profits from the completed sales on your shop at the end of each month and you'll get paid via PayPal at the beginning of the following month. 



Is there a minimum amount of orders to get paid?

Nope, you'll be paid commission whether one or two hundred items have been sold.



How do I check my sales?

We will add your preferred email to our system so that each time an item sells in your shop you'll receive an automatic message informing you of the purchase showing you who purchased what and for how much.



Is there a contract to be signed?




Can anyone do this?

Yes, but you need to have a brand, business, idea, concept or logo. As well as a market that you know you will be able to generate sales from e.g. a Karate instructor with an academy of students, or someone with a large social media following within a common interest.



What will I need to do?

We will provide you with a link where your shop will be allocated, you can simply direct people towards the shop via social media or word of mouth. Any way to advertise your shop amongst your audience to generate traffic and revenue for yourself. If you have your own web it will be ideal to embed the link in your shop so you can direct people directly to your own web



Seriously nothing is free, what will it cost me?

As we said before this is completely FREE! We can refer you to current Partner Shop owners, ask them yourself. We only require some evidence that you have a number of people to promote your clothing to.



What items can I have in my shop?

We have an extensive catalogue of over 4000 blank products. We can create pretty much anything you want, t-shirts, hoodies, caps, shorts, leggings, mugs, phone covers, bags and much much more.



Can I keep adding items to my shop?

Yes, the expansion of your catalogue is directly related to the amount of interest and sales your shop receives. We can start by creating a couple of products that you think will be the best sellers and then move from there.



Are there any restrictions?

Yes, you are not allowed to use any copyrighted material (Unless you have the rights to use it) You cannot display any language or imagery which may be deemed as obscene or offensive.



Where will My Shop be allocated?

Your shop will be live on the STORE section of this web, alongside other partners



How about taxes?

It is your own responsibility to comply with all legal, tax and accounting standards. Please seek advice from an independent tax and legal advisor to ensure you comply with currents laws.



How do I start?

Just click on the Contact Us button below and we'll go from there.

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